Subtitling Service

Subtitling or Closed Captioning involves alignment of the spoken text (transcript) to the audio. This alignment provides time-stamps at the sentence, word, or syllabic level as desired. If the text script is in the same language as that of the audio/video, it is known as Same Language Subtitling (SLS). SensiBol provides SLS for using state-of-the-art ASR methods in combination with proprietary in-house tools used for manual corrections.


The subtitling service is available for several Indian and Foreign languages. Time-stamps can be provided at multiple granularities (Sentence, word, syllable). The service is highly accurate and scalable

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Having subtitles in audio/video content has multiple benefits for content owners. These include improving SEO and search-rank, enabling accessibility to users in noisy environments and hearing-impaired users, avoiding hearing loss in users, and increasing user-base and engagement.

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Examples of videos with subtitles created by our services for Music and Speech are available here.

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