Benefits to Partners

Benefits to Partners

Audience engagement

Audience engagement by Music content owners & distributors such as Music-Labels, Streaming services, Telecom companies, Brands, Artists, Television channels, Film producers. This could be a long-term engagement or a short-term promotional campaign such as a brand-awareness campaign or a music/movie launch. The level of engagement for singing using Gaona is much higher than for traditional music-listening.

  • The interactive visual interface keeps users visually engaged.
  • The singing ratings give a competitive dimension to the platform.
  • Real-time feedback to the user with score, rank, percentile, and directions for improvement encourage users to keep trying to improve their singing.
  • The different forms of user-generated content that Gaona powers, such as cover-versions with original background music, duets with original singers, user-singing correction and other vocal effects, encourages users to share their recordings with friends for listening, liking, commenting, and following.

Singing Auditions/Contests

The massive queues at singing reality show auditions are a familiar occurrence. Gaona offers a mutually beneficial alternative for both participants and companies in this space. Aspirants can audition from the comfort of their homes at the time of their choice. Companies get

  • Access to segments of talented singers that are unable to reach physical audition locations.
  • Automatic short-listing/screening of users with good singing ability.
  • Additional revenue through auditions such as participation fee or call-browsing charges.

Music education

More and more music educationists are turning to technology aids to improve the learning experience for their students. To experience a simple music lesson using Gaona, try Sarali Varisai 01. The Gaona visual interface for singing is an invaluable practice tool since it enables students to

  • Get real-time visual feedback during singing i.e. see their pitch tracks in comparison to reference melodies.
  • Sing-along with their guru/teacher's voice or only background music accompaniment when they are feeling more confident.
  • Review their practice attempts offline. Here targeted feedback can be provided on which aspects of their singing need improvement with pointers to specific time-locations in the singing attempt.
  • Sing as many times as they want, and decide when they are ready to submit their attempt to their Guru/teacher for review.
  • Recommend relevant lessons/songs to the students based on musical concepts in which they have attained proficiency or should naturally progress to

For teachers the gaona platform allows them

  • To maintain student records with audio-recordings and analyses/reports for submitted attempts. Teachers can also record their comments.
  • To teach more effectively by focussing on specific areas with different students based on the student's analysis/report.
  • Create generic and customized lessons and lesson-plans, and selectively give remote access to their students or the public.

Live Karaoke

Gaona can be used for live singing events. Live karaoke is well known to be a great ice-breaker and also a platform for hidden talent to emerge. The software driven approach to karaoke offers multiple benefits over traditional karaoke to event managers/management companies, Venues such as restaurants, bars, clubs and malls.

  • Customized group-based competitions for events such as Boy's side v/s Girl's side for Weddings, Inter-department (e.g. marketing v/s finance) for corporate events. Group scores can be aggregated from individual group-member scores.
  • Duet singing with individual scores for each singer in the duet.
  • Online update of content, no need for physical chips.
  • Pre-event activity such as song-selection, and post-event activity such as online access to performances.