Voice Suppression

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Voice suppression

Commonly available vocal-suppression systems use center-channel cancellation techniques, which need the tracks to be in stereo mode. Further, such methods often suppress other instruments besides the voice. Our state-of-the art vocal suppression technology enables the creation of psuedo-karaoke music tracks for users to sing-along with. Our system is able to work on stereo and mono tracks, and removes only the lead-vocal melody without affecting any of the background accompaniment.


  • Suppression of only lead-vocal melody from original music track. No change to instrumental accompaniment.
  • Works for Stereo and Mono tracks.
  • Selective suppression of only target-singer's voice in case of multi-singer tracks. Works for simultaneous counterpoint singing as well.
  • Instrument suppression in case of lead-melody being rendered by a monophonic melodic instrument.
  • Insertion of guide-track (synthesis of melody) with choice of instrument.
  • Insertion of audio-cues to help singers start singing on-time.
Karaoke creation with audio-cues
Original Processed Karaoke
Song 1
Song 2
Selective vocal suppression in duets (with simultaneous singing)
Original Male-suppressed Female-suppressed
Song 1