SensiBol offers a web-based singing screening service API and an evaluation-dashboard for clients conducting large-scale singing auditions and contests. The service can be used as a first level screening for a large number of digital entries (audio recordings) in order to isolate the entries that can make it to the next round. The Dashboard can facilitate listening and shortlisting of the recordings by multiple raters in the various rounds of the audition.

API Features

The audition/screening API is based on SensiBol's patented singing evaluation system, and has the following features:

  • Identification of legitimate sung recordings i.e. removal of invalid cases such as silence, speech, noisy recordings
  • Rating of sung recordings on the basis of music proficiency on a scale of 1:100
  • Language independent rating based on musical parameters alone
  • Identification of higher-level proficiency attributes such as vibrato. Such attributes can be used to select between singers getting similar scores.
  • Anti-cheat system to identify auto-tuned recordings, hummed recordings
  • Compatible with multiple Audio and Video formats such as wav, mp3, aac, mp4, avi. Even compatible with IVR recording formats such as 8-bit A-law wav
  • Highly available and scalable solution
  • Very low latency i.e. rapid response time

The API can be configured to either

  • give a real-time response of singing analysis. For e.g. in case of an application in which the singer needs to be given the score immediately after singing


  • process recordings in a batch. For e.g. in case of the digital entries being collected from multiple touch-points (web, IVR etc.) and stored. The API output can be in any required format e.g. excel, json

Dashboard Features

The dashboard enables easy manual short-listing of recordings by multiple teachers. Specific features are listed below

  • List-based viewing of entries with audio-playback option for each entry
  • Facility for raters to enter their ratings and comments for each entry
  • Super-Admin facility to see ratings and comments from multiple raters
  • Configurable rules for shortlisting entries for subsequent rounds of audition
  • Accessible via the Internet
  • Compatible with popular mobile phone browsers – Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla, Safari
  • Results can be exported in required formats e.g. excel, json