About Us

Who we are

SensiBol was founded by like-minded audio-technology researchers and computer-scientists with a mission to deliver cutting-edge audio-processing solutions to the world. The founding team consists of PhDs and Masters from IIT Bombay with a passion for all things audio ranging from music to environmental sounds. We take great pride in constantly pushing the envelope for our technology. Our patented core-audio IP is what differentiates us from others who claim to have similar solutions.

What do we do

  • We work very closely with our partners and clients to help define how they can derive maximum benefit from the use of our technologies, provide technical assistance to integrate our technologies into their products/ requirements, and customize our solutions as required.
  • We port our solutions to multiple platforms as required. Our solutions are presently available on Android, iOS, Web, IVR, and Mac.
  • We develop, manage and operate end-to-end mobile applications and back-end web-services as per our partner's/client's requirement
  • We facilitate UI/UX designs through our network of design partners

Doing business with us

We are open to any business propositions that require specialized audio-software solutions. Our business model involves a license to use our technologies on individual platforms, along with the necessary effort required for integration, customization & maintenance. No audio-specific requirement is too complex for us.

Call us at +91 70210 42795 or Email us at info@sensibol.com