Mixing with Effects

Cross-platform presence: All of our technological solutions have been customized for specific audio formats, signal degradations and computation capabilities for different platforms - IVR, Android, iOS, Web, and desktop (Mac OS).

Mixing with effects

Our state-of-the-art mixing technology enables the creation of customized user-generated content. Starting from the basic mono-recording of the user-singing, we are able to offer a host of processing options (much like a virtual recording studio) to create a truly memorable cover version. Users are much more likely to share these covers with their friends rather than a vanilla mono-track.


  • Mixing
    • Mixing of the user-voice with original background music
    • Time-latency compensation across recording platforms - IVR, Web, Android, iOS- so that the user-voice and background music are time-synchronized.
    • Selective insertion of the user-voice in song-segments i.e. insertion of the original singer's voice or guide-instrumental track in segments where the user is silent.
    • Create high-quality mixes for user-recordings in which speaker volume is loud by de-noising the voice signal i.e. suppressing audio-feedback from original music.
    • Creation of duets of user singing with original singer. Possible to insert user-voice when original singer is singing simultaneously.
  • Singing correction
    • Singing correction of the user's voice improves the quality of the user-singing without affecting naturalness or voice identity of the user. This is very different from standard auto-tune processing which leaves the processed voice sounding very unnatural.
    • Selective application of singing correction in song-segments where the user gets lower singing scores.
    • Timing correction corrects errors in the user's timing by adjusting vocal onsets.
  • Other Vocal effects
    • Voice-transformation - Chipmunk, Helium, Donald duck,Gender transformation
    • Equalizer - bass boost/cut, Treble boost/cut
    • Spatial - Echo, reverb
Mixing of user singing with original background music
Original Song User-Mix
Solo (Male)
Solo (Female)
Filtering for suppression of original song feedback in user-recording
User-recording Mix (without filtering) Mix (with filtering)
Singing Correction v/s Auto-tune
Original User-recording
Plain Auto-tune Singing corrected
Vocal effects applied to user-recording
Plain Chipmunk Helium Reverb