Singing Audition

Singing Audition Service

SensiBol offers a web-based singing audition service API and evaluation- dashboard for clients conducting large-scale singing contests. The service, based on SensiBol's patented singing evaluation system, can be used as a first level screening for a large number of digital entries (audio recordings) in order to isolate the entries that can make it to the next round. The Dashboard can facilitate listening and shortlisting of the recordings by multiple raters in the various rounds of the audition.


The service is available as an API, and helps in identifying and scoring legitimate sung recordings with high accuracy in real time. The API also supports widely used audio/video file formats. The Dashboard facilitates efficient manual rating and shortlisting of entries.

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Auditions today rely on physical audition locations (typically located in Urban centres) and human screening for the first round. Technology can streamline this process to increase the reach of the auditions, reduce effort and improve overall reliability and consistency.

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SensiBol's automated singing evaluation service turned out to be a boon for our A&R team assigned to shortlist the entries for the second round of auditions....

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