The Singing interface SDK supports various functions and is completely customizable for a specific use-case as per the client's requirements. It is available in both landscape and portrait modes.
An exhaustive list of features is available below:

Audio / Video Playback

  • Sing along with Karaoke track playback
  • Sing along with original/guide track playback
  • Switch b/w original & karaoke track playback during singing
  • Scale change of original/karaoke track
  • Playback of original/karaoke video

Lyrics and Melody display

  • Syllabic level synchronized lyric display
  • Lyrics in Indian regional scripts
  • Toggle b/w English and Regional script while singing
  • Synchronized reference melody display (notes)
  • Stylized plot to display special melody sections e.g vibrato, modulation, transition

Visual feedback and evaluation

  • Real-time pitch extraction from the user-voice
  • Real-time display of user's pitch superimposed on the reference melody
  • Compute and display a singing rating during singing using our patented singing evaluation technology
  • Countdown visual timer to cue-in the user to start singing

Audio/Video recording and production

  • Audio recording mode from device microphone
  • Video recording mode from device camera (back or front)
  • Voice-mix controls (Music/Voice levels & sync)
  • Voice effects (Bass/Treble, Echo/Reverb)
  • Voice-morphing (Chipmunk, Duck, Alien, Helium)
  • Voice-fixing (Auto-tune, Pitch-correct, Chorus)
  • Final audio/video mix creation & playback.
  • Re-creation of original video with user’s voice dubbed in. This video will have the original actors/artists lip-syncing to the user's voice

Duet Singing

  • Solo and Duet mode selection for each song
  • Simultaneous display of the current and previous user’s videos during singing
  • Singer part selection (Part1, Part2)
  • Computation and display of the average score across both users
  • Dual video creation post-singing, which simultaneously shows the videos of both users side-by-side.
  • Colour coded lyrics display for individual/joint parts
  • Singer-part selection for video dubbing
  • Live-Duet i.e. Two singers singing on the same device
A demo application of the singing interface Get it on Google Play