Potential use-cases

Potential use-cases

Song-hooks are useful for different stake-holders in the music industry in the following contexts:

  • Radio Stations

    Hooks are used by Radio stations in Auditorium Music Tests (AMT) conducted during Music research. In an AMT, a sequence of song hooks is presented to a focus group of listeners, who give their feedback on the same. This helps the station to decide which songs are to be played on air. SensiBol provides the hook-sequences in the format prescribed by the Radio channel for conducting AMTs.

  • Music Owners & Aggregators

    • Previews for Online music stores (e.g. iTunes) & streaming services (e.g. Spotify)

      Often music stores provide a song preview, of around half a minute, to the user prior to purchase. A preview is an important part of the user-experience, which allows them to avoid confusion in cases of multiple song covers as well as errors in textual metadata. It helps users ensure that they are paying for the right song before purchasing.

      Previews also help in music discovery for music streaming services. Exposing the listener to the hook of the song gives the listener an insight into the main-part of the song without needing to actually listen to the entire song, allowing them to discover new music faster

      Music content owners and aggregators can benefit from uploading song-previews to the music stores and streaming services .

    • Ring-back tones (RBT) for Telcos

      In mobile telecommunication, ring-back tones are song-clips which are played to a caller instead of a regular ringing tone. These are a lucrid source of revenue in certain mobile markets. Often a single song may have multiple RBTs. Providing accurately-cut RBTs for a large catalog of songs can help increase revenues for music owners and aggregators from mobile users.